Capture single-shot spectra High-throughput (up to 1 billion spectra/second) Supported by RogueScope software for analytics

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Roguescope is an optical scope with a frame rate of up to 1 billion frames per second. It comes with RogueScope software that allows to visualize, study, and analyze the captured high-throughput spectra. The Roguescope real-time capability is enabled by photonic Time-Stretch Dispersive Fourier Transform. The Roguescope can capture large data sets to reveal rare events with high accuracy. Applications include research on femtosecond lasers characterization, laser transients, and research on OCT medical imaging.


Analysis of noise effects in nonlinear propagation in fibers
  • Femtosecond Laser Characterization
  • Study of modulation instability in fiber
  • Transients of electro-optic effect
Laser transients characterization
  • Transients mode-locking
  • Transients Q-switching
  • Transients of nonlinear polarization rotation mode locking
  • Transients of metastable mode locking
  • Transients of spectral breathing
  • Transients of OCT biomedical imaging
  • Research on detection of rogue cancer cells
  • Laser spectral stability

Example Measurements

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